Hans Christian Vergara

Cuban artist


Son of the Caribbean, with Spanish, African, French and Chinese blood, Hans Christian Vergara, born in 1975 in the province of Ciego de Avila, is the heir of the rich cultural heritage of this island.

His paintings, with bright colors, marked by the Afro-Cuban beliefs and the abundant life of the tropics, emit mystery and magic. They reach deep into Cuban universe, but are not limited to that. Because this self-taught artist is essentially a nomad.

Cuba, Europe, Oceania…

Surveying the world, discovering others places and others peoples are feeding his being, his imagination.
His work reflects this travels, this encounters. They testify the artistes’s reflections on the human being, on his cultures anh his ritual practices. On the specificity and on the universality of the human spiritual consciousness. On the energy networks that run our universe and on the place and the function that man occupies among it. The works of Hans Christian Vergara attempt to reflect this amazing mapping, invisible to our eyes.

Besides painting and art installations, he also carries graphic and digital works for the publication domain.

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Paintings Drawing


Selection of works on paper : inks, watercolors, drawings, engravings.

Hans Vergara - El jugador Hans Vergara - La pérdida Hans Vergara - Ceiba Hans Vergara - Escudo


The Orishas are the deities of the Santeria, the religion in force in Cuba, born from the historical syncretism between the animist cults of Africa and Spanish Catholicism. Eleggua, god of the roads; Yemaya, goddess of the sea; Ochun, patron saint of rivers and Havana ...

Hans Vergara - Oshun/ Roerich Hans Vergara - Caridad: Cada uno lleva su cruz Hans Vergara - Orishas Hans Vergara - Eleggua cyclo Hans Vergara - Eleggua y los primarios


Imaginary figures or those inspired by real people, Hans Christian Vergara's creatures embody wisdom, sharing and universal harmony.

Hans Vergara - Black Candle Hans Vergara - Maternidad Hans Vergara - Partage Hans Vergara - L'esprit de la foret Hans Vergara - La forêt animée


Enigmatiques et envoûtants, lumineux et colorés, les paysages de l’artiste nous entraînent dans un monde onirique, naturellement métis et tropical, empreint de vie, de mystère et de magie.

Hans Vergara - Sans Titre Hans Vergara - La casa azul Hans Vergara - La casa azul 2 Hans Vergara - Paisaje indo-cubano


The Virtuosos, hybrid creatures with animal, plant or human bodies, motionless, busy with various tasks or in full migration, are for the artist the guardians of life and spirituality.

Hans Vergara - Dualidad Hans Vergara - Llevando Hans Vergara - La partida Hans Vergara - Veleta Hans Vergara - Alea jacta est